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The following is a "best guess" overview of your approximate fertile cycle.
Your Most Likely Date of Ovulation is 12/31/1969
The 1st day of your last period.
12/31/1969 The very beginning of your fertile period. Although your egg has not yet been released, it is possible that sperm could survive until your egg is released.
12/31/1969 2 days before ovulation. It is likely that you could conceive on this date.
12/31/1969 1 day before ovulation. You are very fertile on this date.
12/31/1969 Ovulation. Based on the 1st day of your last period, this is the date that your egg is released. You are most fertile on this date.
12/31/1969 The day after ovulation. Conception is still very possible.
12/31/1969 2 days after ovulation. Your fertility is decreasing. The egg survives for about 24 hours, and, if not fertilized, it will disintegrate.
12/31/1969 If your egg was successfully fertilized, this is the approximate date when it implants itself in the uterus.
12/31/1969 A blood pregnancy test may be accurate now from this date forward.
12/31/1969 Some early pregnancy home tests may be accurate now, but be aware of the possibility of a false negative result.
12/31/1969 If you are NOT pregnant, this is the date you will probably get your next period. If you ARE pregnant, you can expect accurate results from a pregnancy test.
09/09/1970 This is your most likely due date if you became pregnant in this cycle.
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