Yes, Preteen Boys Love Art!

Art is important at every age, and can provide a mode of self-expression desperately needed as our pre-adolescents begin to shape their identities.

Published: 02/01/2012

by Laura Alvarez, M.F.A.

Yes, Preteen Boys Love Art! Hurricane Basics
With the first day of June comes the first day of Hurricane season 2010. Are you ready?
Yes, Preteen Boys Love Art! Mary Poppins Comes to Town
It took decades to bring Mary Poppins to the stage.
Yes, Preteen Boys Love Art! Good News About "Legal" Pot
K2, Spice, Serenity Now, Dark Night, Puff, Voodoo Spice, Mr. Smiley, Mr. Smiley Face, Orange Dragon Smoke, Black Mamba, Genie, Blaze, Red X Dawn and Zohai. It's sold as herbal incense in flavors like blueberry, spearmint and vanilla honey, and it ...
Yes, Preteen Boys Love Art! Pink House Receives Top Honor by Nickelodeon
The Pink House, the first brick and mortar Kindermusik studio in Birmingham, was named the 2009 Nickelodeon Parent's Pick Award Winner for Best Music Class.
Freezer Paper-Stenciled T-Shirts
Most of the steps below should be completed by your child; at this age I’ve found the best tactic is to be as hands-off as possible but always available in case help is needed.