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Product Pick: This Mother’s Day buy the PB Necklace ($30, 31bits.com), a single strand of multi-colored beads (made from recycled paper!)

Published: 04/20/2011

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31 Bits Story Cubes
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31 Bits The Learning Calendar
Product Pick: Did you know that the last total solar eclipse of the millennium occurred this month in 1999 and was perhaps the most watched eclipse ever? We didn’t either, until we started reading The Learning Calendar: Our Amazing Planet Earth (Fat
31 Bits Write On's!
“Go write on the wall!” Not the usual declaration in your house? It might be if you have Write On’s! ($24.95-$29.95), removable wall decals that combine the convenience of vinyl with a chalkboard surface. They stick to all sorts of surfaces and come
31 Bits Envirosax
Product Pick: Make sure the kids are ready for the next shopping trip by equipping them with their own designer reusable bags from one of our favorite “green” companies, Envirosax ($8.95). Managing Editor Christina Elston never leaves home without he
31 Bits Is It Ok To Discipline Other People
You know how to handle your own children when they step out of line. Now if you could just figure out what to do about their friends.
31 Bits Brace Yourself
Orthodontics is not just for kids anymore.
31 Bits Your Child, Your Self
Connecting with a kid who's your polar opposite is easier than you think.
Hire a Nanny Before You Have the Baby
<p>The Time for Planning to Hire a Nanny is Before You Have the Baby</p>