Parent Recommended (July 2010)

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Published: 08/24/2010

Parent Recommended (July 2010) Mary Poppins Comes to Town
It took decades to bring Mary Poppins to the stage.
Parent Recommended (July 2010) Avoid Summer Internet Addiction With Your Child
Here are the facts: Kids welcome summer break as a time when they can relax and spend time pursuing their own interests and hobbies. Summer camp enrollment is down 10% - 20% these days. With more time at home this summer...
Parent Recommended (July 2010) Pink House Receives Top Honor by Nickelodeon
The Pink House, the first brick and mortar Kindermusik studio in Birmingham, was named the 2009 Nickelodeon Parent's Pick Award Winner for Best Music Class.
Up, Up, & Away
More than 355,000 travelers are expected to fly in and out of Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport during the upcoming July Fourth holiday weekend.
Parent Recommended (July 2010) Is It Ok To Discipline Other People
You know how to handle your own children when they step out of line. Now if you could just figure out what to do about their friends.
Parent Recommended (July 2010) Brace Yourself
Orthodontics is not just for kids anymore.
Parent Recommended (July 2010) Your Child, Your Self
Connecting with a kid who's your polar opposite is easier than you think.
Hire a Nanny Before You Have the Baby
<p>The Time for Planning to Hire a Nanny is Before You Have the Baby</p>