Your Valentine's Day IQ: Answer 3

Who IS that baby?

Of course it's answer C.

Everyone knows that Cupid is the mischievous, arrow-slinging cherub who graces many of today’s Valentine’s Day cards. But who exactly is Cupid?

He's the son of Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty, Cupid can prompt people to fall in love by piercing their hearts with a single arrow.  It is widely believed that Cupid starting appearing on Valentine’s Day cards in the 15th Century. One card from that period that has survived the ravages of time shows the winged troublemaker in the act of firing an arrow through a gallant knight’s chest. Though his intentions are good, Cupid’s matchmaking skills are sometimes questionable. Because of this, Cupid is often depicted as blind by authors and painters—giving birth to the well-worn phrase, “Love is blind.”