Your St. Patrick's Day IQ: Answer 1

What is the leprechaun's occupation?

Answer: Shoemaker

You might say leprechauns have a lot of “sole”. According to Irish folklore, these wee people are shoemakers—in fact, the word “leprechaun” is roughly translated as the “one-shoemaker,” since they are usually seen working on a single shoe.

Contrary to the lovable fellow featured on “Lucky Charms” cereal boxes, leprechauns are not a likeable lot. They are mischievous, withered old loners who enjoy nothing more than hording money and playing practical jokes on unsuspecting people. Also, don’t expect to find a leprechaun decked in green. Their clothes, according to the famous Irish poet W.B. Yeats, are homely and colorless. Not a fun bunch, to say the least.