Your Baby's First Halloween

Your baby has hit a lot of milestones this year, but none quite as spooky as this one! As we near October 31, check out these tips for making your baby's first Halloween special:

1. Dress 'em up! There are so many cute infant Halloween costumes out there, and they're very inexpensive. You can also go DIY and put together your own easy costume idea. Whether you decide to go traditional with a pumpkin costume or you get a little wild by dressing your toddler as Lady Gaga, you'll create some great photo memories.

2. Go easy on the candy. You may want to share the candy with your little one, but it's not great for their teeth. If you do decide to give your baby some candy corn, be sure that you brush their teeth before putting them to bed.

3. Make sure their costume and surroundings are safe. Look for products that are labeled "non-toxic," and make sure that costumes aren't too loose and that any buttons or small parts are secured. Halloween decorations also can be dangerous for your baby, from toxic paints to sidewalks lined with candles. Flame-retardant costumes and close supervision will help lower these risks. 

4. Take lots of photos. From the "putting on the costume" struggle to their first trick-or-treaters, take lots of pictures of your baby. Making memories is the best part of the holidays, and your baby certainly isn't going to remember their first Halloween without them!