Your Baby’s First Checkup
New babies are generally due for their first appointment with a pediatrician or primary-care doctor at 2 to 4 weeks old.

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  • At this visit, you’ll be asked how you, the baby and your family are doing, and about the baby’s eating, sleeping and overall progress. The physician or nurse will measure the baby’s weight, length and head circumference, as well as assess vision and hearing.

    The baby will receive a complete physical exam, including checks for abnormalities of the heart, eyes, ears, hands, arms, feet, legs, back, spine, nasal mucous, mouth, throat, neck, underarms, fontanels (or soft spots), respiration, genitalia, skin color and tone, reflexes and overall movement and behavior.

    At this first visit:

    • Bring a list of questions so you’ll remember exactly what you wanted to ask.

    • Ask your doctor for guidelines on when to call his or her office if your baby is sick.

    • Write down instructions from the doctor so that you don’t forget them later.

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