Winter-Proof Your Child's Skin

by Erika Katz

Winter weather can wreak havoc on the skin - between 20 degree temperatures, dry conditions, and freezing winds result in chapped and sore skin for everyone, including the little ones. 

If your child is dealing with dry or sensitive skin this winter, check out these tips from beauty expert Erika Katz, beauty writer and author of Bonding Over Beauty, A Mother-Daughter Guide to Self-Esteem, Confidence and Trust.

 - Be sure to give your kids lots of water. In the winter, because it's not hot, we forget to keep drinking the amount we need. Skin has to be hydrated from the inside out, so give your child a water bottle to carry around with them to prevent dry and flaky skin. 

- If flakiness and itching are becoming chronic, it may be worth having your child checked for eczema. Often, over the counter products can burn skin that is sensitive or prone to eczema, but a dermatologist can prescribe a cream to treat the eczema without causing any damage. 

- Rashes can often indicate a bigger problem.  The skin is a detoxification organ, and your body releases unwanted (or unneeded) material through the skin.  If your child is having chr

- Many kids suffer from dandruff, and treating it can become exasperating, especially when the shampoos stop working. Buy three different dandruff shampoos and alternate them each time you shampoo your child's hair. Be sure, though, when washing to cover their eyes with a washcloth - these shampoos can sting the eyes. 

 - After a shower or bath moisturize their skin with baby oil or other moisturizer. Watch your child's skin to stay on top of any sensitivities or improvements in their conditioner. If one product isn't working, consult a dermatologist to find a lotion or oil that will work for their skin. 

- If you moisturize your child's face, do not use a cream that includes SPF because the chemicals in the cream can be irritating to the face. If your child is going to be indoors in school, SPF isn't necessary. If you do want to use an SPF on the skin, find an all-natural brand that doesn't include harsh chemicals. 

- Kids tend to pick at their cuticles causing bleeding and sometimes infection. Tell your child to leave them alone, and use a cuticle oil before bed to keep them from drying out.  Most importantly, don't trim them!