Winners Agree... NAPPA Drives Sales!
Our winners say it best! Here's what some winners have told us about how NAPPA helped them sell their high-quality children's and parenting products:

“The NAPPA awards’ long history and credibility helps parents and gift-givers make smart choices about age-appropriate toys. The best part is how NAPPA instantly reaches parents by featuring winners in regional parenting magazines and online. The pre-holiday coverage gives our NAPPA-winning LEGO products a visible endorsement in a key selling season.”

Michael McNally

Director Brand Relations, LEGO Systems, Inc.

2006 NAPPA Children’s Products Gold Award:

LEGO Mindstorms NXT

"NAPPA is one of the most highly selective and respected awards programs in the juvenile products industry. Receiving the top honor provides credibility and increased brand recognition of our stroller, and renews our commitment to provide great quality, functionality and design."

Shalom New

National Sales Manager, Valco Baby

2007 NAPPA Parenting Resources Gold Award:

Valco Baby Buggster

“We enter NAPPA each year because, as one of the premiere parenting organizations, its ‘Seal of Approval’ is trusted by consumers nationwide. And we're thrilled with the placement we receive in NAPPA's widely syndicated, holiday gift guide.”

Ellen Capon

Director of Marketing, New Video

2006 NAPPA Children’s Products Gold Award:

Distributors of Chicka Chicka 1-2-3 and other Scholastic Video Collection Winners

"NAPPA is an award I always strongly urge my clients to enter. The potential of winning and the resulting exposure through the family of regional parenting magazines is so strong that I view it as a major opportunity. For my clients who have been lucky enough to win, it's been a joy to see the media clips come through with the coverage on the awards. It's also important that NAPPA has a separate award system for Parenting Resources, which many other award programs do not. It provides the opportunity for recognition for a category of products that deserve it, but for whom toy awards are a disconnect."

Lisa Orman

President and Founder

KidStuff Public Relations

“We are thrilled to be a NAPPA Gold Award winner. As a newbie in the juvenile arena, we think our children’s furniture is outstanding, but the additional credibility this award gives us is a great benefit. Winning this coveted award raises awareness of our product to a new level, and expands opportunities to promote both our company and our winning potty chair.”

Cheryl Batzing

Marketing Director, Levels of Discovery

2007 NAPPA Parenting Resources Award:

ics.php?Article_ID=10279">It’s Potty Time

“NAPPA is one of the few awards programs outside the storytelling field that has promoted storytelling for nearly two decades. NAPPA is a highly selective, juried competition that raises the credibility of its winners.”

Jay O’Callahan

Storyteller and Author

2006 NAPPA Children’s Products Gold Award:

The Little Dragon

”Each year, Abrams and its authors look forward to the announcement of NAPPA winners. When one of our books is selected, we know that experts have judged it to be among the best. NAPPA’s widespread, nationwide coverage of its winners is unbeatable.”

Jason M. Wells

Publicity and Marketing Director

Abrams Books for Young Readers/Amulet Books

2007 NAPPA Children’s Products Gold Award:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Library Mouse, 365 Penguins, and other titles

“Winning an award in NAPPA’s Children’s Products competition launched the entrée of our British company in the U.S. home market. The award really put us on the map and introduced our software products to both parents and teachers throughout the states.”

Claire Benyowitz

Director USA Sales, 2simpleusashop

2005 NAPPA Children’s Products Gold Award:


"Winning a top award from NAPPA has helped us break into the highly
competitive toy industry. NAPPA's website and print-based coverage to
consumers has been a boon to our NAPPA-winning game and our company."

Jamey Purcell,

President, Brainiac Games Inc.

2007 NAPPA Children’s Products Gold Award:

Safety Brainiac – Junior Edition

“When you stack the NAPPA Children’s Products awards against similar competitions, it’s clear from the winning titles that NAPPA stands out as a very credible, highly selective program. The prestige of the NAPPA Gold and Honor Awards is recognized and valued in the book industry and clearly holds cachet among parents and educators. Having a NAPPA seal on your product is definitely an honor — and the entry fee is far less than other awards programs, too!”

Lorin Hamlin

Publicist, Gryphon House, Inc.

2007 NAPPA Parenting Resources Gold Winners:

Learning Games and other titles

“Winning the NAPPA Gold award has put the SafeGuard Child Seat directly into the hands of parents. People associate the NAPPA seal with outstanding design and quality which has really had a tremendous impact on our product credibility. This is critical for a new brand like ours.”

Steve Wallen

General Manager, IMMI/SafeGuard

2007 Parenting Resources Gold Winner:

Safeguard Go Portable Child Safety

2006 Parenting Resources Gold Winner:

SafeGuard Child Car Safety Seat

"Winning a NAPPA Honors for my last two CDs helped sales and recognition substantially. Thank you!”

Susan Reed


2006 NAPPA Children’s Products Honors Award:

Earth Songs

“Having a NAPPA award-winning album is great validation for a recording artist. Plus the award lets discriminating buyers know that the content has passed muster. With NAPPA’s coverage, my work reaches an audience well beyond those who’ve attended my concerts or discovered my Web site.”

Milbre Burch


2006 NAPPA Children’s Products Honors Award:

If the Shoe Fits … Cinderella Stories from Around the World

“Receiving a NAPPA Honors Award for my book is not only a great honor, it is also a fantastic marketing opportunity. Stating that R Is for Rhyme is a recipient of this award in my publicity campaigns, on my promotional brochures, during speaking engagements at schools and educational conferences, and on my website, not only adds prestige to my book and makes it stand out, but lets potential buyers know they are purchasing a book they will enjoy.”

Judy Young


2006 NAPPA Children’s Product Honors Award:

R Is for Rhyme: A Poetry Alphabet

”Winning A NAPPA Gold Award is a great boost to a new company like ours! It has brought greater recognition to our product and company, and increased product credibility with consumers and retailers. NAPPA has helped put our product on the map and greatly influenced our sales and revenues.”

Norma Boskovich,

Director Of Sales & Marketing

OskerBee Baby Changing Station

2007 NAPPA Parenting Resources Gold Award Winner

“Winning a NAPPA award adds luster to our recording that we couldn't add ourselves. Being selected among hundreds of entrants puts a stamp of approval on our CD – and the NAPPA Gold seal really stands out in a record store. Having our music featured in parenting magazines helps our exposure, too!”

Ezra Idlet

Trout Fishing in America

2006 NAPPA Children’s Products Gold Award:

My Best Day

"Winning a NAPPA Gold Award has increased Easy Labor's public visibility and has gotten it into the hands of more expectant parents. In less than a year, the book is into its third reprinting!"

William Camann, M.D.

Director of Obstetric Anesthesia

Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston

2006 NAPPA Parenting Resources Gold Award Winner:

Easy Labor: Every Woman’s Guide to Choosing Less Pain and More Joy During Childbirth

“When my CD won a NAPPA Honors Award, your publicity of this award assisted in consistent and nearly daily sales from all over the country, including libraries, schools, distributors and fans. This award has meant that in my genre, my music is respected as having achieved the highest marks of excellence in audio products for children. Educators and reviewers have taken note, as have mothers and those who book my concerts. Retail enjoys this fact as well.”

Steve Pullara

Cool Beans Music, Inc.

2005 NAPPA Children’s Products Honors Award:

A Big Bowl of Musicroni

“As a new company, NAMiTS, LLC is truly honored to have received a NAPPA Honors award for our NAMiTS Junior game. This award gives NAMiTS a respected stamp of approval. We displayed the NAPPA seal on our Web site and brisk Holiday sales were certainly influenced by NAPPA. The award has given us great credibility and has helped us license our games to the Great American Puzzle Factory, Inc.”

Barbara Jerome

The Mom who created NAMiTS

2005 NAPPA Children’s Products Honors Award:


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