When Your Child Swears

• Do not overreact to the word being used, no matter how ugly it is. In many cases, a reaction is just what the child is looking for.

• Take time to find out exactly what the child is trying to say with that word. Sit down and ask, then give suggestions of other words to use in place of the swear word.

• One parent offers the following solution: When her son was swearing too much, she got a box and had him put all the bad words “in” the box. They then took the box to the dump and threw them away, hopefully for ever.

• Offer alternative words. There’s nothing wrong with expressing anger, as long as it’s done in an acceptable way. “Sugar!,” “Holy Moly!,” and other exclamations

• Relax. Unless your child is cussing up a storm, it’s probably a testing phase. It will pass, so long as you address it correctly.