What's the Most Desired Teacher Gift?

If you're looking for the perfect present to give to your child's teacher this holiday season, consider one from the heart instead of the wallet.

A recent survey of 1,500 elementary school teachers found that most would rather have more parent involvement in a child's education, or even a simple "thank you," than a material gift.

Of the teachers polled, 74 percent rated "being involved in their child's education" as the best way for parents to show appreciation for a teacher; 22 percent thought a "simple thank you" would be best; 3.3 percent chose "helping out at school" and only 1.1 percent chose an actual gift.

The survey, conducted earlier this year by educational products manufacturer Learning Resources, also found that when it comes to holiday gifts from students themselves, most teachers would prefer either a "thank you" or doing good class work as tokens of appreciation.

- Deirdre Wilson