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Featured Columnists
Family Man™ by Gregory Keer: A dedicated dad shares his perspective on parenting today.
Halloween Haywire

Last Oct. 31, I stepped into the night, ready to lead my brood through one of childhood's greatest experiences - an evening of stockpiling candy and pretending to be a favorite character. For me, it was a chance to have as much fun as they did. I even dressed up as Luke Skywalker, wearing a robe and carrying a toy lightsaber, though I didn't look as adorable as my kids.
Household Word by Carol Band: A modern mom's look at the humorous side of life & parenting.
Hide & Sneak
My kids don't trust me. It's not because I snoop in their rooms, or listen in on their phone conversations or rummage through their backpacks without permission. It's because I mess with their food. That's right. I plead guilty to sneaking healthy stuff into their abysmal, beige-colored diets. As the mother of three picky eaters, it's my duty.
Everyday Etiquette by Diane Gottsman: Raising civilized children in an uncivilized world  
Avoiding Frightful Behavior
Before your little angel, cheerleader or SpongeBob SquarePants hits the streets to trick-or-treat this year, here are some rules to review. Example: If you are walking with your toddler and holding your infant, who is dressed like a Dalmatian, don't send your toddler up with a plastic pumpkin bucket "for the baby." It is obvious that the bucket is for you and is bad form.
The Crafty Mom by Mary Lyon:  The Frazzled Working Woman's Practical Guide to Motherhood

Dangle the Halloween Light Fantastic!
This horrifyingly cute craft gives kids a treat before they even start trick-or-treating! Make a special hands-free hanger for their light sticks. They'll be noticed in the night. This project is simple and fun, and in an hour, you can make enough of these for your child's Halloween party guests.

Turning Worry Into Trust
A friend once told me about a new mom who called her pediatrician about 50 times during the first two weeks of her son's life. Finally the pediatrician called the mom into her office and said, "Listen, you have become a parent. You have opened yourself up to a lifetime of worry. You have to pace yourself."
An Apple a Day...
Remember when kids had to color in a red apple for the letter A? There's more to apples than that. Celebrate National Apple Month and discover the Web's bushel of information, recipes and crafts for you and the apple of your eye...
Feeding Your Family by Larissa Phillips: Your family eats more than 1,000 meals a year...

A Pack of Picky Eaters
I'm sure there's a family or two out there whose members share identical taste buds, but most families with kids possess wildly disparate appetites. In my family of four, we all like one thing: steak. Regarding every other dish in the universe, at least one of us differs...

Feature Articles and Special Reports

Working Moms: All moms are busy people. But working mothers have one more major responsibility on their to-do lists: a job. If you need reminding that it's challenging to be both a parent and employed, there's always the well-meaning neighbor to observe that, "You must have your hands full," or a popular novel on the shelves, such as Allison Pearson's I Don't Know How She Does It.
A Working Mother's Manifesto

What Working Moms Need

What the Arts Really Teach Our Kids
Will right-brain thinkers rule the world? Some educators think so, and they say a strong arts education helps kids develop right-brain skills of flexible thinking and creative problem-solving. With the school year now in full swing, take a good look at your child's course load. Are there classes offered in art, music or theater?

10 Lessons the Arts Teach
The arts teach children to make good judgments about qualitative relationships. Unlike much of the curriculum in which correct answers and rules prevail, in the arts, it is judgment rather than rules that prevail...

How to Find Reliable Health Information on the Web
The Web puts a world of health information at your fingertips, but health-care providers urge parents to talk with their doctor before following any family health advice they find online.

Organization Skills for Kids with Learning Disabilities

Many students need help organizing their school materials and assignments. For children with learning disabilities, organization skills are vital to succeeding in school. These kids may have trouble keeping track of their school materials, remembering what they have to do and getting their homework done on time.

Walk, Walk, Walk to School
International Walk to School Day is Oct. 4. The day gives families a chance to shift a disheartening statistic: A generation ago, nearly half of U.S. kids walked or bicycled to school. Now, only about 15 percent do so, according to a report from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Short health notes on the latest developments in family medicine.
Many 'Off-Label' Prescriptions Not Based on Science
It's fairly common for pediatricians to write "off-label" prescriptions, recommending medications that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn't approved for use in kids, or hasn't approved to treat specific conditions. Adult asthma medications, for instance, are used to treat asthma in kids.

A Road Map For Beating Childhood Obesity: With more than 9 million American children and teens affected by obesity, A Parents Guide to Childhood Obesity: A Road Map to Health, a new book from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), is certainly timely.
It Takes Just a Bit to Get Kids Fit: Even small lifestyle changes - such as drinking one less soda a day and walking an extra 2,000 steps - can help keep kids from gaining excessive weight, researchers say.
Chug, Don't Sip, to Protect Your Teeth
Sipping, it seems, can be hazardous to your family's teeth, because prolonged exposure to drinks can erode the enamel. Drink your drinks quickly, advises J. Anthony von Fraunhofer, Ph.D., of the University of Maryland Dental School in Baltimore, whose study on the subject appeared in the Journal of General Dentistry.

For Expectant & New Parents
The Role of Family, Childcare and School in Early Childhood
The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) launched the Study of Early Childcare and Youth Development in 1991 to follow more than 1,000 ethnically, geographically and economically diverse children from birth through early adolescence.

Books and Beyond: Reading resources for readers of all ages...
Book Reviews: Daddy, Read Me a Story!
For many dads, the perfect summer day ends with a few moments of quality time with his little ones. One of the best ways to enjoy some one-on-one time is with a fluffy pillow and a few books. Here are some recent dad-oriented releases that are worth checking out...
Music Reviews: Music reviews by John Wood...
Family Travel Tunes: 7 Selections for Your Summer Sojourn Playlist
You’re going on vacation! Yay! You pack the usual amenities, gas up the car for around $300 and head on down the highway looking for adventure. But wait, what’s that on the seat by the iPods and portable CD players? Why, it’s a veritable plethora of great children’s CDs.
Family-friendly Movie Reviews: Is that movie worth the price of admission?
From Cliffy to Cars:
"First they get the emotion, and then they get the motion, which is the opposite of the way most studios work," claims well-known character actor John Ratzenberger, who played Cliff on the hit TV show Cheers for many seasons. Ratzenberger is speaking about Pixar Animation Studios, the computer generating animators who have cranked out seven hit movies over the last 10 years.

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