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p?Article_ID=9693">Family Travel Tunes: 7 Selections for Your Summer Sojourn Playlist
You’re going on vacation! Yay! You pack the usual amenities, gas up the car for around $300 and head on down the highway looking for adventure. But wait, what’s that on the seat by the iPods and portable CD players? Why, it’s a veritable plethora of great children’s CDs.

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Family Man™ by Gregory Keer: A dedicated dad shares his perspective on parenting today.
With or Without You
When our plane finally took off, I understood that adult vacationing had been forever altered. Once you become a parent, the whole concept of vacation changes. Really, can you call it a "break" when you're lugging overstocked diaper bags, managing meltdowns in previously quiet museums, and fielding complaints about how boring nature is?
Household Word by Carol Band: Smile your way through a modern mom's humorous take on family life.
Camp Is In-tents
Fear, guilt, and loneliness are just a few of the feeling associated with a child’s first overnight, away from home, summer camp experience. And that’s only the parents...
Everyday Etiquette by Diane Gottsman: Raising civilized children in an uncivilized world...
How to Behave at a Sleepover
When you are a guest at a sleepover it is important to remember that you are still a guest and should act accordingly. If a friend or a friend's parents say, "Just think of this as your home," he or she doesn't mean it literally. You are still expected to be on your best behavior, and don't abuse the gesture of kindness.
The Crafty Mom by Mary Lyon:  author of The Frazzled Working Woman's Practical Guide to Motherhood
The Crafty Mom: Patriotic Party Poppers
These are great little place markers, table decorations or party favors for a Fourth of July party - or any other gathering to which you'd like to add a ruffle or flourish! You can easily expand this craft to any other occasion on the calendar, simply by changing the color scheme. This easy, affordable project pieces together in minutes, with stellar results for all ages.
Ten Talents of Parenting: A thoughtful series to help us sharpen our parenting skills...
Self-Acceptance: How to End the Blame Game
Most parents struggle with feeling inadequate or incompetent. One key talent of parenthood is letting go of self-criticism and self-blame. How have you nurtured acceptance of yourself, acknowledgment that you've always done the best you could - even if you wanted to do better?
Web Wise by Troy Corley: Explore the wide web with these fun and educational kid-friendly links...
Lucky Pennies
Ready for a real treasure hunt? A long-time coin collector recently put three rare pennies, worth a total of $1,500, back into circulation in hopes that the search for the valuable cents would inspire a public interest in coin collecting as a hobby...
Feeding Your Family by Larissa Phillips: Your family eats more than 1,000 meals a year...
A Healthier Version of Classic Rite of Summer
When I was growing up, my grandmother would throw huge family beach barbecues at the end of every summer. We carried Hibachi grills and bags of charcoal over the sand, roasted hot dogs and hamburgers until they were half-blackened and washed them down with lemonade and fruit punch.

 Shish Kebab - Yummy Yogurt Sauce - Grilled Vegetables with Feta Cheese - Lemon Bulgur

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Birthday Parties: Activities to Keep All Ages Busy and Entertained
If there are two parents in the household, both should be at their child's birthday party, says child-development specialist Karen DeBord, Ph.D. "Having two adults is good not only for safety concerns, but it sends a message to your child that their birthday is important," she says.

What Mick Jagger Taught Me About Motherhood

 As he dissolved into tears, I understood that I had to hold firm in my denial of the surge protector, yet I felt sorry for him. After all, I knew the sad fact that his every desire would not be realized would be his first disappointment - and I had to tell him. And I realized that a rock song I had heard all my life was the only expression that could possibly convey both firm denial and heartfelt empathy at the same time.

Solo Parenting: Traveling with Kids
 Traveling as a single parent with kids might seem overwhelming, especially the first time you attempt it. Travel experts and experienced single-parent travelers advise knowing your children's - and your own - limitations and planning ahead for the different issues that can come up.

Start a Summer Book Club
Don't wait until August to remind the kids to do some reading to keep their school skills sharp over the summer! Start a Summer Book Club and keep them reading (and writing and having fun!) all summer long! Here are some tips to get you started:

10 Tips for Creating Better Family Videos
With the vacations and family fun activities that are typically a part of summertime come great opportunities to use your video camera to record memories that will be treasured for years to come. Stuart Hill of, makers of the video-editing software PowerDirector, offers some simple suggestions for getting the most out of your home video recordings.

Fun, Easy Ways to Jump-Start Your Family's Fitness
Family fitness doesn't have to mean joining a health club or starting a strict exercise regimen. Everyday tasks, such as washing the car, or playtime fun, such as tossing a Frisbee®, can make fitness part of family life rather than another item on your "to do" list.

Health Notes: Short health notes on the latest developments in family medicine.
 Fireworks: An Overlooked Danger
 Everyone loves to "ooh" and "ah" over the spectacle of Fourth of July fireworks. But families who use fireworks at home are risking the eyesight they need to view those pyrotechnics. Despite years of public warnings, families don't seem to be getting the message: injuries were up by 300 cases between 2003 and 2004, the most recent figures available. About 1,400 of those injuries were to the eyes...
Safe Swimming
As you're keeping it cool by the pool or within reach of the beach this summer, keep these water-related risks in mind: Swimmer's Ear - Water-Borne Illness - Drowning - and more.

The Parent Review: Feature articles from the Parent Review, a Free Newsletter for new parents...
How Babies' Babbling Becomes Words
The average adult understands and speaks about 125,000 words. And babies are listening. How do they come to understand all those words? How do they begin to speak them? A baby of 6 or 7 months plays with sounds, experimenting and developing muscle control until he can reproduce the sounds he hears. The more the people around a baby speak to him, the more sounds he hears, practices and adds to his repertoire.

Featured Reviews:
Music Reviews: Music reviews by ohn Wood...
Family-friendly Movie Reviews: Is that movie worth the price of admission?
From Cliffy to Cars:
"First they get the emotion, and then they get the motion, which is the opposite of the way most studios work," claims well-known character actor John Ratzenberger, who played Cliff on the hit TV show Cheers for many seasons. Ratzenberger is speaking about Pixar Animation Studios, the computer generating animators who have cranked out seven hit movies over the last 10 years. From Toy Story to The Incredibles, Pixar has been batting 1,000 percent with both the box office and critics...

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