What’s in Season? Zucchini

By Larissa Phillips

From Feeding Your Family

Feeding Your Family ArchivesIt’s that time of year when you can’t get rid of zucchini. The most outgoing of garden produce, this charmer jumps right in and tends to wear out its welcome by August. When you’ve had enough grilled zukes to last you the year, try my favorite summer breakfast: grated zucchini with scrambled eggs. Use a small zucchini for every two eggs, grate it and scramble it with the eggs. Cook in olive oil over medium-low heat, gently folding the curds. Right before serving, top with thin strips of nori seaweed, sesame seeds and sea salt.

Still tired of zucchini? Try freezing it. Fill a plastic bag with grated zucchini. Lay the bag flat on a tray, press out the air, and seal. Use a chopstick or the back of a long chef’s knife to press a nine-square grid into the flattened bag (like a tic-tac-toe board). Put in the freezer, with the grid lines intact. Once it’s frozen, you can break off squares of frozen grated zucchini throughout the winter and use as needed.



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