What's in Season? Tomatoes!

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There are people who are OK about tomatoes, people who sort of like them, and, I think, there are even people who don't like them at all.

But the people I care about right now are those of us who have been waiting the last 11 months for the crowning glory of summer to arrive, and it's finally here: big-tomato season!

Forget the winter tomatoes. Forget the hothouse ones or the Hollands that come across the ocean still stuck on their vines. Forget the mealy, mushy 100's that I suffered through last spring. Forget the Early Girls, and all the other little hard orange-y orbs that come in July.

The only tomatoes worth the fancy, expensive sea salt you're going to sprinkle on them are the ruby-red, sun-warmed, locally grown love apples of August that you just picked out of your own garden.

Short of that, a brown paper bag of them that you bought from a roadside stand that are so ripe and plentiful, some of them are squashed.Here's what you do with them: Make yourself and your kids a tomato sandwich. Don't think about the nutrition. It's not about the nutrition.

Take some bread - whole grain, but not too dark. Oat bread or multigrain is perfect. Slather it with mayonnaise. Use a sharp paring knife to cut thin slices and pile them on, staggering the slices to perfectly cover the bread. Sprinkle with coarse sea salt. You can add basil leaves, bacon, avocado or cheddar cheese if you want, but it's all overkill this month. Cut the sandwich in half. Eat outside on the porch or at the beach.

Say to your kids, "Ahh, this is what summer tastes like."

- Larissa Phillips