What’s in Season? Sprouts!

Feeding Your Family There’s still not much in the way of locally grown harvest this time of year. If your chlorophyll quotient feels unmet, consider growing sprouts. For pennies per serving and in just a few days, you can grow your own highly nutritious sprouts, and add them to salads, sandwiches, omelets, even tacos or burgers.

SprouterYou can make your own sprouter using a jar with a mesh or cheesecloth cover secured by a rubber band, or you can shop for a kit online at a site such as (hint: bypass the expensive large-quantity kits and go for the quart jar, for $9.95).

To grow sprouts, rinse and then soak a couple tablespoons of seeds in a cup of cool water. Soak for several hours, and then drain. Rinse twice a day for the next few days, leaving to drain upside down, so the water runs out through the mesh cover. In a few days the sprouts will be ready.

Sprouts are highly nutritious, rich in various anti-oxidants and vitamins and minerals. Consider growing sprouts from the seeds of radishes, sunflowers, clover or mustard greens. For safety, make sure the seeds are certified organic.

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