What's in Season? Cucumbers!

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Crunchy and mild, cucumbers are naturally kid-friendly. But just try telling that to your average kid!

To make the most of this month's harvest, try telling your kids about cucumbers, including your favorite way to eat them when you were a kid. (In my family we ate cucumber and mayonnaise sandwiches with lots of salt and pepper; but something a little simpler might be in order for a young cucumber neophyte!)

Then, pay a visit to a local farmers' market and pick out some freshly picked cukes. If your kids like pickles, try making quick "half-pickles":

  • Mix two freshly sliced cucumbers with a solution made of 1/2 cup cider or white wine vinegar and a teaspoon each of salt and sugar.

  • Toss together and let sit for at least one hour and as long as overnight in the fridge.

  • Use immediately. Or eat the cukes fresh, dipped in hummus or in a tomato-cucumber-feta salad, tossed with olive oil and lemon. Just make sure to cut off the stem end, which often tastes bitter.