What's in Season? Blueberries!

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This article is featured in the June '07 Feeding Your Family Newsletter
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What's in Season? Blueberries!The Juice WarsThings We Love: Farmers' Markets
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… In some regions, anyway. This native crop comes into season in a rolling wave across the country, beginning in May in the south, June in the west, and not until July or August in the northernmost states. But blueberry farms often grow different varieties, to allow for a longer growing season, so check your local farms for prime harvest times.

Of course, blueberries are available frozen throughout the year (and are a great snack for children), but nothing compares to picking your own under a bright summer sky. Those little berries are just the right size for little fingers to practice their pincer grasp.

Get them hooked on blueberries early; go to to find a nearby farm. You can feel great about serving this nutritional powerhouse to your family. The tiny blueberry contains multitudes of anti-oxidants, it's low in sugar and a great source for vitamin C and manganese fiber.

Tired of eating them plain? Mix blueberries with nectarines for a fresh fruit cup, layer them with yogurt for an elegant parfait, or fold them into pancake batter for a classic summer breakfast. Or … make this easy-as-pie recipe!