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Getting Kids Into Geography
Are your kids directionally challenged? Then challenge them to learn more about north, south, east, west and points in between during Geography Awareness Week. Initiated by the National Geographic Society, the third week in November is designated as a time to boost your Geo-Q.

Kids ages 12 and under get into the geography groove by clicking on the kids’ link of the National Geographic site. Pump up for the annual National GeoBee by taking the GeoBee Challenge that offers five new questions each day. Search for printer-friendly maps or play with the amazing MapMachine. Kids can enter the “Where Am I?” contest and get homework help, too.

Hone your map-reading skills at, a subscription Web site for educators that also offers some fun free activities for kids and parents. Customize your own U.S. map with the Map Kit: pick colors for the states; toggle on or off state and capital names; then print. Play with a U.S. jigsaw puzzle, take the state capital quiz or print out a geography crossword puzzle.

One or two players can try the “Where is That?” game at Funbrain. There are five different levels of difficulty for maps of the United States, the five continents and the world. Or, surf to these online almanacs, and The World Almanac for Kids to discover the world’s tallest mountaintops, the largest lakes and the highest waterfalls.

A special note: Two National Geographic staff members, two teachers and three Washington, D.C.-area students were en route to an educational adventure on Sept. 11, 2001, when their plane crashed into the Pentagon. The Ferguson-Judge Fund was established to help urban kids explore the natural world through educational activities. You can contribute to this fund online at

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