Web Wise: Warm Up to Knitting
By Troy Corley

When you think of knitting, do you envision Grandma in her rocking chair? Think again. Knitting, and its companion craft, crochet, are in vogue with everybody. Moms, dads, celebrities, professional athletes, kids – including trendy teens – are all doing it.

If you’re new to yarn crafts, check out the Learn to Knit & Crochet Web site. Find out the difference between the two crafts, learn basic stitches, which tools you need to start and how to pick out yarn. Join active discussion groups to share tips and ask questions at forums run by the Craft Yarn Council of America, the yarn industry’s trade organization.

Ready to knit up a storm? Explore’s knitting site. Find free patterns for scarves, sweaters and socks, baby blankets, dolls, toys and this year’s popular poncho. The site has a knitting stitch library, so you can go beyond the basics. Or, purl your way to the most complete online stitch reference,

Knitting and crochet are a great way for family generations to spend creative time together. You can even use the time to contribute to people in need by knitting warm blankets or scarves. Kids can help and they don’t have to knit an entire blanket – just a square will do. Find out how at Warm Up America.  Get together with friends and family to come up with 49 squares for a whole afghan, or send in one or more squares to the program.

The Knitting Guild Association offers a link to additional charities that can benefit from nimble fingers, including Afghans for Afghans, Stitches of Love Pet Blankets and Preemie Project.

Now get knitting!