Web Wise: Valentine's Day Candy Crafts

By Troy Corley

Spend time with your young ones and create heartfelt gifts for Valentine’s Day. What better time is there to make chocolate treats, candy crafts and crafty containers to put them in?

You’ll find a Valentine’s bouquet of fun candy crafts using prewrapped candies at Kids can make candy airplanes, lollipop flowers and gum guy cupids to give to their friends.

Use the popular and colorful candy conversation hearts to craft’s Valentine’s frames,’s sweetheart candy wreath or use them to decorate Valentine’s cookies and cupcakes. About 8 billion of these hearts are sold by candy maker NECCO between Jan. 1 and Feb. 14 each year. Explore their history at

Still have leftover candy canes? Put two of the red-and-white-striped candies together to make a Valentine’s heart. Try the peppermint heart favors on or make’s candy cane Valentine’s card.

What’s candy without a special container to put it in? Try the easy-to-make baby food jar project at Kids Domain. Weave together’s simple heart pouch to slip candy in. If you like to print out projects on your computer, try the printable Valentine Cut-Out Candy Box at the Crafty PC site.

Happy Valentine’s Day!