Web Wise: Telling Time
There's no time like the present to help kids tackle the task of learning how to tell time. When my daughter was in first grade, she wowed me with her ability to tell time from the kitchen clock – until I found out she was using the digital time on the microwave!

Help kids practice the basic elements of telling time such as o’clock and half-past-the-hour with printable worksheets from There are primary worksheets with very easy-to-read clock faces for drawing hands to tell time and for writing the time, ones that reinforce time words, a.m. and p.m., elapsed time and time schedules. Each time you click on a worksheet a different one is created. The site includes word puzzles from scrambles to searches.

Go interactive with time at Kids Online Resources where kids can click on a clock with moving hands to compare radial time (the face of a clock) to digital or “numbered” time such as 5:30. To practice identifying time skills, kids choose the correct time from three colorful clock faces and a cartoon character applauds them for the correct choice.

For more interactive fun, surf to for links to sites that offer memory matching games, time-zone activities and a two-player game using on-screen dice. Suitable for older elementary students who haven’t quite gotten their timing down.

Make time fly by crafting your own moveable clock with a printout from then impress the kids by knowing the exact time within .03 seconds by logging on to the official U.S. time site.

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