Web Wise: Saving for College
 Think it’s too early to save for college? Most financial planners say there’s no such thing as starting too early. If you’re looking for an exciting, easy way to begin building a college nest egg, try Upromise,, a college-savings

Learn More About the Ways You Can Save

  • accelerator that takes a percentage (usually 1 percent to 5 percent) of certain purchases you make and plunks them into an account designated for your kids. Sign up your credit and debit cards and when you use them to gas up at Mobil, buy books at Borders or pick up games at Toys R Us, a portion of the sale is slipped into your savings.

    Upromise also has agreements with dozens of major companies so it’s really simple to save. Register McDonald’s gift certificates, purchase office supplies at Staples, install new windshield washers from Pep Boys and you put more money into your college account. You can save by signing up for a new mortgage, life insurance and online services. Even better, your everyday grocery purchases count too. Register your grocery card and when you buy brands like Kellogg’s™, Huggies™ and Coca-Cola™, more money is added. Eat out at a participating restaurant and sock away 10 percent for college.

    At the Web site you can also open up one of the new federal tax-free 529 college savings accounts. Included is information on the benefits of the plan, links to articles on the subject and an option to link an already existing 529 plan to your Upromise account. Happy savings!

    Is it time to get your affairs in order? Writing a will, buying life insurance and saving for college—three things you can’t afford to put off for another day. We'll you how to put your financial ducks in a row in our Family Finances Center.

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