Web Wise: Let It Snow!
When icicles start hanging from the eaves, then itís time for some frosty fun. Whether you live in a region that gets the real stuff or not, the Web will connect you to cool activities in no time.

For the ultimate in paper snowflakes, cut over to Daveís Snowflake Page. As a young boy, Dave learned how to use small scissors to snip and clip some intricate creations for the family Christmas tree. Admire images of his artwork, then grab your scissors and create some sensational snowflakes of your own with perfect patterns that everyone can use.

For information on everything climatically cold, sled the Web to the National Snow and Ice Data Center. Discover the science of snowflakes at Snow Crystals, where youíll see detailed images of real snow crystals.†Stay ahead of heavy snowfall by learning winter weather lingo.

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From United Parenting Publications, January 2002.