Web Wise: It’s a Wrap!

By Troy Corley

No matter what festive occasion you celebrate this winter, the event usually includes the wrapping of gifts. This year, make the holidays special by designing and creating your own gift-wrapping paper, boxes, bags, tags and bows.

If you like making your own wrapping paper, you'll want to check out Creating Holiday Cards With Your Kids
If you’re a hands-on, cut-and-color, stamp-and-stencil, creative type, check out Better Homes & Gardens’Christmas Gift Wrap & Cards” section for hours of festive fun. You’ll find directions for reindeer bags, chintz boxes, stained glass sacks and more.

Just looking for some basic design ideas? Read the tips at  and

Want to “go green” for the holidays? You’ll find great ideas for alternative holiday gift-wrap at and

For holiday gift tags, stop at the Creativity Portal. Scroll past the Google ads to the “Printable Gift Tags/Cards and Other Things” section. There are links to a variety of sites with printable holiday tags, including some with Hershey’s, Magical Kingdom and Seussville themes. In addition, just below the links, you’ll find an article on making gift-wrap with kids.

Design a special gift-wrap for each night of Hanukkah with Holidays on the Net’s Hanukkah Craft Project. Make wonderful watercolor wrap, string painting paper and animal gift bags.

Create Kwanzaa gift boxes for each of the seven days of celebration. You’ll find printable designs and instructions at
Hewlett-Packard’s support site

No time for lots of craftiness? Make it simple and print out holiday paper and other wraps at Canon Print Planet. You’ll find similar holiday projects at HP’s Activity Center and at Epson’s Print Lab.

Happy wrapping!.

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