Web Wise: Happy Valentine's Day

Red hearts, Cupid and boxes of chocolate …

We all recognize the symbols of Valentine’s Day, but how did this holiday get started? Discover the history behind this day honoring romance and its patron, Saint Valentine, at the History Channel.

While we all know that Valentine’s Day means sending cute cards, crafting paper hearts and dipping into chocolate treats, there’s more light-hearted fun to be found at DLTK's Crafts for Kids. Print out dozens of pages to color and create simple paper crafts, from heart-shaped mice to butterfly kisses. For some easy sweet treats try the recipes for finger-painted cookies, red Jell-O™ valentines and a heart-shaped cake.


But where’s the chocolate? Find recipes for yummy chocolate turtles, minty chocolate cookies and nutty chocolate squares at Kids will enjoy the sweet science of chocolate at the Exploratorium site, where they can view a “chocolate party” in the Amazon. For a more grownup view of chocolate, go to Virtual Chocolate and send your chocolate-craving sweetie a lip-smacking e-card.


Celebrate the cyber-side of the holiday with clip art for your family Web site at awesomeclipartfor and Play heart tic-tac-toe and other online heart holiday games and puzzles at You’ll find fun musical e-cards for kids at

Looking for something different? Learn the rules for the card game Hearts at Family Education Network or print out a Valentine’s Day coupon book for a child or adult at Activities for Kids.

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