Web Wise: Get Organized

Itís a tough job being organized, but somebodyís got to do it. Thatís why the National Association of Professional Organizers has declared Oct. 5-11 "Get Organized Week." The associationís Web site,, offers an array of tips and newsletters to shape up your household now that schoolís in full fall swing. Click through to the siteís local chapters and check the calendar pages for Get Organized Week events and workshops.

Here are some other sites to help you get Ė and stay Ė organized this fall:

Head to for tons of tips on how to "contain, corral and control" the clutter in your kidsí rooms and throughout the rest of the house. The site offers a short course on de-cluttering, free forms for a family organizer notebook and message boards for sharing cleanup clues. Or clear the clutter with†Parenthood's own cleaning and organizing tips.

Make a list and check it twice with handy printables from Club Mom, Itís free to join, and the lists Ė everything from supermarket shopping to vacation planning Ė are customizable. Youíll find them in "Momís Toolbox."

Use the Web to keep you organized with online calendars, address books and important date reminders sent to your e-mail address. The features are free to users or if you sign up for a free account. Check your schedule anytime from anywhere you have Internet access or print out and post it.

Donít forget to have fun while simplifying your life and organizing your family. Cruise penny-pinching articles and sign up for free e-mail newsletters at

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From United Parenting Publications, October 2003.