Web Wise: Christmas Countdown

Whether you’re naughty or nice, both kids and adults look forward to counting the days, and even the hours, until Christmas. Unless, of course, you’re the one organizing all of the holiday celebrations!

Get control of the holiday countdown crunch with a free downloadable and printable Christmas Countdown Holiday Planner from The planning guide starts in October, but you can modify the checklists and forms to help smooth the remaining days. It includes calendar pages just for the holidays.

Which leads us to Advent Calendars, a fun way to count down to Christmas. For a history of Advent, which actually begins on the Sunday nearest to Nov. 30, St. Andrew’s Feast Day, log on to For details on the history of Advent calendars, surf on over to

The origins of Advent calendars start in Germany 150 years ago and usually include 24 days ending Christmas Eve, while here in the United States, some Advent calendars include Christmas Day. For a look at intricately designed Advent calendars, click on the German Web site, publishers and sellers of Advent calendars and curators of an online Advent calendar museum.

Download and print out your own paper Christmas Treasury Advent calendar – designed by award-winning children’s book illustrator Jan Brett (download here). offers an easy, yet crafty, way to create a calendar filled with simple treats  here.

Exactly how many seconds are there until Christmas? Clock on over to and watch as an active time tracker ticks away the months, days, hours, minutes and seconds until the 25th. You can watch the time fly in several time zones. 

On Christmas Eve, there’s usually still one more countdown to go: “the arrival of the Big Elf himself!” Track his whereabouts around the world at It’s a multimedia experience as the North American Aerospace Defense Command provides hourly updates and Santa sightings.

Happy counting!