Web Wise: Catch the Wind

When the March wind “roars in like a lion,” everyone knows it’s time to fly kites. Yet there’s a windfall of toys you can make to catch the most of the seasonal change.

When I was a kid, pinwheels were all the rage. Now you can make them with a push of your printer button.’s Activity Center spins you into windy weather with seven different pinwheel designs to print out. Instructions are included on how to craft a sturdy pinwheel using a wooden dowel and a pushpin. Hint: To modify for younger children, substitute a plastic straw for the dowel and a metal brad for the pushpin.

Or use the power of wind to sail away with a flotilla of breeze-to-build boats, with’s simple sailboat craft

One of the simplest wind-snagging playthings to make is the twirling snake. You’ll find instructions for a colorful paper plate version at

Another thrifty windy idea from,  is an easy-to-make windsock using stiff paper and ribbons. Hint: Substitute an empty oatmeal container and strips of construction paper.

Chimes are the perfect windsome crafts for kids and can be as simple or elaborate as you like. Start with these basic styles: a seashell wind chime from or a fork wind chime from ( For a twist, try the flower pot wind bell at .

Happy Wind Day!

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