Web Wise: Better Breakfasts

By Troy Corley

The sun has set on summer vacation and school is back in session. What's on your breakfast menu? For many hurried parents and kids, mornings often mean a skipped breakfast. During National Better Breakfast Month, make a vow to surf the Web for better breakfast ideas and give the kids and yourself the energy you need to start the day.

Learn how good nutrition improves a child's ability to learn in school at's nutrition site. Then discover how to put breakfast first at California's site.

Not sure what makes a good breakfast? Climb the U.S. Department of Agriculture's official food pyramid at The site includes dietary guidelines, tips for families and activities for kids. The site offers an easy-to-digest guide to the pyramid, with age- and gender-based measurements of how much children should eat of each food group.

Get the kids involved in learning about a good breakfast with some online fun. For little ones, try's "Let's Make Breakfast Game. Older kids can surf to for fruity fun.

Find tips on how to make nutritious on-the-go breakfasts that even parents will love at's Back-to-School site. Recipes include easy cinnamon biscuits, a ham and cheese casserole you prepare the night before and a sunshine smoothie.

A good breakfast plan is more than just the food: "you've got to find the time, too! Get good-start strategies at's back-to-school breakfast page.

If just plain cereal is all your kids will eat, make preparation easier and more fun with hotel-style countertop cereal dispensers found at

Happy breakfast!

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