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A Web of Calendars (August 2007)
Homework assignments, soccer practices, ballet lessons, doctor visits, dentist appointments, potluck dinners, scout meetings, club fund-raisers, library storytimes, bake sales... Did I mention time to relax? Busy families have a lot to keep track of, especially when school starts. Web-based calendars can help keep you and the kids on track.

Seeded for Fun (July 2007)
There's nothing better on a hot August afternoon than a piece of cold watermelon. No wonder National Watermelon Day is Aug. 3!

Harry Potter Doubles the Wizardry (July 2007)
Harry Potter fans have reasons to rejoice twice this month with what’s both the latest and final installment of the series, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, coming out on top of the release of the fifth movie, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Web Wise: Jitter with the June Bugs (June 2007)
You know what month it is when the June bugs come out. June bugs are really beetles; some folks identify them as the beetles with iridescent green coloring and others call brown Click beetles June bugs. No matter which one dances around your porch light or clings to your back door screen, June bugs offer kids a chance to learn more about beetles, the largest group of insects.

Where the Wildflowers Are (May 2007)
Spring over to, the home of the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, Texas, and the host of this annual floral celebration. The Kids Korner is totally wild with puzzles, guessing games and coloring sheets. Click on "things to do" to discover more about our nation's native plants. The site's national events calendar guides you to "wild" happenings across the country.

Go Fly A Kite! (April 2007)

April is National Kite Month, and you could spend the whole month breezing through Web sites flying high with kite activities. Start with the official Web site, where the American Kitefliers Association and the Kite Trade Association International celebrate the sky. You'll find kite events, kite retailers and games, and puzzles for kids.

Blowing Bubbles (March 2007)
Bubbles are blowing all over the Web. March 20-26 is National Bubble Blowing Week, so pucker up and get in gear for a spring and summer full of bubblicious fun.

It's for the Birds (February 2007)
That's right, February is a month for the birds. It's officially National Bird Feeding Month, and you can get the scoop on feeding your feathered friends during this frosty time at the National Bird-Feeding Society's Web site...

Pick Up a Pen (January 2007)
January is a month for letter writing. You know, the old-fashioned kind of correspondence where you pick up a pen? Universal Letter Writing Week, International Thank You Days, National Write to Congress Day and National Handwriting Day all fall in the first month of the new year. With email, instant messaging and blogs, the art of letter writing seems to have been lost.

Wrap Up a Wreath (December 2006)
Nothing says "Welcome!" to guests at Christmastime like a wreath on the door. It sets the festive mood and offers a hint to the holiday spirit inside. Like trees, wreaths can be decorated in numerous ways, but they're also more versatile.

An Apple a Day... (October 2006)
Remember when kids had to color in a red apple for the letter A? There's more to apples than that. Celebrate National Apple Month and discover the Web's bushel of information, recipes and crafts for you and the apple of your eye.

Better Breakfasts (September 2006)
During National Better Breakfast Month, make a vow to surf the Web for better breakfast ideas and give the kids and yourself the energy you need to start the day.

Play It Again, Sand! (August 2006)
 Celebrate summer and "Play in the Sand Day," Aug. 11, with fun crafts and activities that all involve sand.

Web Wise: Lucky Pennies (July 2006)

Ready for a real treasure hunt? A long-time coin collector recently put three rare pennies, worth a total of $1,500, back into circulation in hopes that the search for the valuable cents would inspire a public interest in coin collecting as a hobby and in the American Numismatic Association...

Cause for Paws: Feline-Friendly Sites  (June 2006)
Here kitty, kitty! By June you might begin hearing this call around the neighborhood as spring fever's effect on fertile felines results in a crop of new cats this month.

Clean-Up Your Room (May 2006)
Clean up your room! What parent hasn't said that to his or her kids about a million times? Rather than create a battle over your children's cleanliness (or lack thereof), why not turn clean-up time into a celebration? In fact, use the official National Clean Up Your Room Day to get out the dirt.

Happy Earth Day (April 2006)
When Earth Day was born on April 22, 1970, there was no Internet to help spur the "Save-the-Earth" movement. Today's generation of ecology advocates have a distinct advantage and can make the most of the Web to learn about and protect their physical world.

Read Across America (March 2006)
Get literate and join the National Education Association's "Read Across America" initiative this month. Originally a one-day celebration on March 2 of Dr. Seuss' birthday, "Read Across America" encourages reading every day.

Warming Up for the Winter Olympics (February 2006)
Set your (Web) sights on Torino, Italy, for the 2006 Winter Olympics. It has been four years since the last Winter Olympics were held in Salt Lake City, and another round of international athletes are gearing up to skate, ski and sled their way to Olympic Gold.

Renew, Reuse, Recycle (January 2006)
Clean your closets and renew your post-holiday spirits by repairing, reusing or recycling the old. Whether you give a "facelift" to vintage clothing, give to others in need or give yourself a little cash to tide you over from holiday spending, we've got some tips to get you moving toward a renewed you.

Christmas Countdown (December 2005)

Whether you’re naughty or nice, both kids and adults look forward to counting the days, and even the hours, until Christmas. Unless, of course, you’re the one organizing all of the holiday celebrations!

Giving Thanks (November 2005)
What better time than the month of Thanksgiving to consider those in need? With natural and man-made disasters hitting our country hard, we’ve compiled Web sites that link givers to charitable groups that reach out and help others during hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, wildfires, tornadoes or just plain tough circumstances of life.

How do you fix a pumpkin? With a pumpkin patch! (October 2005)
Pumpkins are inseparable from celebrating Halloween, but it’s time to pump it up! Think outside the pumpkin patch with some winning activities found on the spookier side of the Web.

Online Homework Helpers (September 2005)
The kids are back in school, and that means they’ve got homework. It’s time to make a handy reference for online homework helpers that can help your child and you overcome the homework blues.

Finding the ‘Space’ in Cyberspace (August 2005)
Look up in the nighttime sky and catch the free “fireworks” when the Perseid meteor showers produce its annual sparkling show.

rticle-topics.php?Article_ID=9048">Butterflies Count (July 2005)
Butterflies are an important part of our eco-system. And they are the perfect summer science project to keep kids busy.

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