Web Wise: An Apple a Day...

By Troy Corley

Remember when kids had to color in a red apple for the letter A? There's more to apples than that. Celebrate National Apple Month and discover the Web's bushel of information, recipes and crafts for you and the apple of your eye.

Get to the core of apple varieties at and discover the difference between a Crispin and a Honeycrisp, a McIntosh and a Macoun. The site includes pictures, so you can visually discern a Paula Red from a Red Rome. Download the free teacher's kit with a variety of educational activities that are just ripe for homeschoolers.

Money may not grow on trees, but apples do. Take the kids to an apple orchard for a hands-on experience. Almost every state has an orchard that's open to the public, some with pick-your-own apple programs, apple sauce demonstrations and other farm-fresh goodies. You'll find a guide to orchard trails at

Juice it up with fun and games at Kids meet Juice Moose, find out about apple history, including the inevitable Johnny Appleseed story, and play apple-inspired games. Go beyond plain juice and get the recipes for making alcohol-free Christmas Wassail, Apple Wink and Apple Snow at

Tired of coloring pages? Use apples to create unique crafts, instead. Learn how to use cut apples to make apple prints on T-shirts and totes at Appleprint. Then try your hand at carving apple dolls at Besides a pictorial guide on apple carving, the site includes directions on sewing clothes for the dolls, too.

Happy apples!

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