Web Wise: A Very Cuddly Web -- Teddy Bear Sites

Celebrate Teddy's birthday (November) with these cuddly sites:

• The Teddy Bear Museum – It’s hard to believe that soft, cuddly, stuffed bear toys didn’t exist until November 1902. Was it U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt’s refusal to shoot a bear cub that sparked the design of this beloved toy or world-renowned German toymaker Steiff, which introduced a new line of jointed bears at a toy fair? Read about the history of "Teddy’s bear" with a virtual visit to The Teddy Bear Museum at

• The Silly, Willy-Nilly, Old Bear – Kids often become attached to certain bear personalities. One of the most beloved bears on the planet is Winnie-the-Pooh. Created by A.A. Milne, the original Pooh stories are reproduced by publisher PeguinPutnam at The Web site offers printable Pooh puzzles, a Pin-the-Tail on Eeyore game, and a recipe for one of Pooh’s favorite smackerals: honey gingerbread cookies. For the animated version of this roly-poly bear, go to Disney’s official home page, where you can help Pooh find musical notes and play other interactive games.  

• Those Berenstain Bears – This bear family’s site at offers short, animated videos of the much-loved stories, colorful paper dolls to print out and several other printables and interactives.

• Because Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires – The all-American bear has to be Smokey the Bear, the U.S. Forest Service’s mascot for over 50 years. Smokey’s Kids ( ) provides hot activities, including SmokeJumper, an animated fire-fighting game.

• Hey, Boo Boo! – Yogi Bear, the cartoon character who’s "smarter than your average bear," still lives on in Jellystone Campground (, now a series of camping park-resorts across the United States. The Web site’s "Just for Kids" section has coloring pages and links to Cartoon Network’s video clips of Yogi and friends.

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From United Parenting Publications, November 2003.