We All Scream for (Homemade in a Plastic Bag) Ice Cream!

ice creamYou can get it from the ice cream man, ice cream parlors, and hundreds of flavors from your grocer’s freezer, but there is nothing like homemade ice cream on a warm spring day!  You don’t need 10 pounds of ice or even an ice cream maker to make this delicious frozen treat.  All that is required are a few common kitchen items and some kids to do the shaking, and in minutes you will be enjoying your own homemade ice cream!

Ages:  1 - 101

Time:  minimal - less time than it would take to go out for ice cream!

Skills Required:  measuring, shaking

Materials:  milk or cream, sugar, vanilla, ice, salt, sandwich size zippered
plastic bag, gallon size zippered plastic bag, additional flavorings as desired, spoons

Make Ice Cream!

1. Measure 1 cup of milk (whole or 2 per cent works best) or cream and carefully
pour into sandwich size zippered plastic bag.

2. Add 1½ tablespoons of sugar and ½ teaspoon of vanilla to milk in plastic bag.
Make sure bag is tightly sealed!

3. Place 5 cups of ice cubes into gallon size zippered plastic bag.

4. Add ¼ cup of table salt to ice in plastic bag.

5. Place sealed bag of milk mixture in bag of ice and tightly seal ice bag.

6. Gently shake ice bag for about three to five minutes.

7. Remove ice cream bag from ice bag, wiping off salt from outside of bag.

Eat Ice Cream!
Enjoy vanilla ice cream right from the bag or spoon into bowls or cones.

Bag can be placed in freezer for several hours if harder ice cream is desired.

Here are some fun ideas to flavor your ice cream:

Make chocolate ice cream by adding chocolate syrup or using chocolate milk!

Chocolate ice cream quickly becomes Rocky Road by adding marshmallows
and nuts.

All different kinds of fruit flavors of ice cream can be made by adding fresh,
frozen or canned fruit. Try strawberry, peach, banana or a wild new combination - RazzleBlueBerryBanana Swirl!

Bits of your favorite cookies or candy can be stirred into your ice cream to concoct your own favorite flavor!