Vegetarian Friendly Books and Web Sites
Here, books and Web sites on how to maintain a healthy vegetarian diet. If there is an organization or book you would like to see added to this list, send us an e-mail. This page will be updated regularly, so stop by often.


American Dietetic Association – The ADA’s position paper on vegetarian diets for children includes nutrient sources, nutrition tips and a dietitian finder.
North American Vegetarian Society – Offers national resources and links to regional resources, plus Vegetarian Voice, an online magazine.
The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine – The committee’s guidelines for a vegetarian diet for children include recommended food group servings and sample menus for children of different ages.
Vegetarian Baby and Child Magazine – The online edition of the print guide for parents of vegetarian children.
The Vegetarian Resource Group – Features abundant resources, including a guide to vegetarian and vegan nutrient sources, meal and snack planning and specific guidelines for young children through teens.
> – Features resources specifically for teens.
> – Erin Pavlina’s online resource for vegan parents.
> – Offers recipes, articles, health resources and discussion boards, including Joanne Stepaniak’s column.>

Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care, Revised Seventh  Edition, by Benjamin Spock, M.D., with Stephen J. Parker, M.D., Pocket Books, 1998.
Being Vegan: Living With Conscience, Conviction and Compassion, by Joanne Stepaniak, McGraw-Hill, 2000.
Raising Vegan Children in a Non-Vegan World, by Erin Pavlina, VegFamily, 2003.

Raising Vegetarian Children: A Guide to Good Health and Family Harmony, by Joanne Stepaniak, McGraw-Hill, 2002.

The Vegan Sourcebook, by Joanne Stepaniak, McGraw-Hill, 2000.

The Vegetarian Child: A Complete Guide, by Lucy Moll, Perigee, 1997. Offers ideas for dealing with social situations.

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