Valentine Fun for Families

'Tis the season for hearts, flowers, candy and special greetings to special people! Kids love the tradition of exchanging Valentines and will enjoy these projects that help them express their creativity and their love for the special people in their lives!

Heart wreath:
Cut pieces of red, white and pink crepe paper into 5 inch strips. Carefully bend a clothes hanger into the shape of a heart by first pulling down on the hook of the hanger (which will be in the middle of the heart). Take a strip of crepe paper and place it around the hanger, twist it twice, open it up and slide it to the top of the heart. Repeat to cover the entire hanger. Add a picture or greeting to hang from the hook of the hanger.

Candy holder greeting:
Take a piece of colored 8 1/2 by 11 cardstock and cut it in half lengthwise, leaving two 4 1/4 by 11 pieces. Fold the strip at 1 inch, 5 1/2 inch and 6 1/2 inch. Punch two holes in the top of the holder - through the front flap, the front piece and the back piece. Attach a bag of candy to the inside of the holder by threading ribbon through the bag and all the punched holes. Decorate the front of the holder with a picture and the inside with a Valentine greeting.

Candy kiss blooms:
Cut the egg holders out of an empty egg carton. Cut 6 inch squares out of pink or red tissue paper. Fold the tissue paper around the carton pieces -- folding the paper around the bottom of the carton and into the center. Attach a chocolate kiss to the center of the carton piece with a glue dot. Stick a straw into the bottom of the carton piece and decorate as a stem with leaves. Place flowers in a terra cotta pot filled with floral foam.

Easy greeting card:
Fold an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of cardstock into quarters, and then unfold it flat again. An adult should cut a heart shape into the middle of the bottom left quarter. Cut a 3 by 5 inch piece of clear contact paper. Attach it - sticky side up - to the top left quarter of the cardstock. Cut small squares of colored tissue paper. Kids -- even the very young -- can place the tissue paper pieces onto the sticky contact paper. Then fold the paper back into a card with the heart filled with tissue paper on the front. Add a Valentine greeting to the inside.

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