Tween and Teen Birthday Parties

By Carol Band

RGIN: 0in 0in 12pt">Friends are very important to preteens and teens. They want their friends to think that they are cool – and that makes traditional birthday parties not so cool.

RGIN: 0in 0in 12pt">“Older kids and teens are attracted to activities that make them feel more adult,” says DeBord. “By middle school, full-blown parties with lots of kids often give way to special activities with just a few close friends.”

RGIN: 0in 0in 12pt">Going to a rock gym, movie, sporting event or day of beauty at a local salon are popular activities with this age. For bigger groups, pool parties at home or at a local hotel are fun, and sleepovers are always popular.

RGIN: 0in 0in 12pt" align="center">Sweet Celebrations for Tweens & Up

RGIN: 0in 0in 12pt">1. Dinner with friends at a favorite restaurant

RGIN: 0in 0in 12pt">2. Laser tag or flashlight tag

RGIN: 0in 0in 12pt">3. Stage an elaborate paper chase that uses clues to send them all over town or a mall scavenger hunt.

RGIN: 0in 0in 12pt">4. Team games – softball, volleyball, badminton, croquet, dodge ball

RGIN: 0in 0in 12pt">5. Backyard camping

6. A surprise party given by parents or friends at home

7. A breakfast party – Invite friends to come in their pj’s for chocolate chip pancakes.

8. A classic movie party – featuring films with Audrey Hepburn or Godzilla

9. A night of beauty – polishes, potions and mud masks

10. A cooking party – Don’t forget the cake!