Traditional Camps Back in Demand

The latest trend in summer camp is really not new at all, says Lucy Norvell of the American Camp Association New England (ACANE), a regional branch of the country’s only national camp-accrediting organization.

Traditional Camps“We’ve noticed that more and more parents are looking for a general camping experience,” Norvell says. “We’re in a world where there is a lot of specialization in extracurricular activities at younger and younger ages, and [a traditional camp] is an opportunity to do lots of different things” from ceramics to hiking and wind-surfing.

The ACA sets standards for camp policies and procedures, generally believes that camps should provide even the youngest children age-appropriate opportunities to make decisions about their activities and to build skills by trying new things.

For older kids, Norvell says, that may mean jumping from a high-dive. For pre-schoolers, putting their faces into the water and blowing bubbles can be a significant achievement.

– Alison O’Leary Murray