Tips to Coordinate a Stress-Free Custodial Visit

One of the most important things single parents can do during the holidays is to work out a holiday visitation schedule that works well for all parties concerned.††††††††††

No.1:Plan, plan, plan. Arrange visitation schedules early on with the co-parent. Inform children of what they are doing and where they are going. Write down the agenda and go over the plan with all involved parties. In this way, the lines of communication remain open. If possible, coordinate with the other parent what gifts each of you will be giving, to avoid duplication.

No. 2: Work on co-parenting relationships year-round. Eliminate hostility and resentment and avoid high conflict relations. With time for holiday planning, there will be better communication with the other parent.

No. 3:Find creative ways to make gift giving a pleasant experience. Remember, you canít please everyone. If money is tight, shop year-round to catch sales. Allow children to make their own gift list to help them feel a sense of empowerment, but remind them they will not be getting everything on the list.

No. 4: Set realistic expectations. Perfect holidays donít exist. Plan only for what you have time for. Set priorities and participate in activities that bring the most joy and fulfillment to your family. Many two-parent families deal with the same anxieties and obstacles experienced by single parents.