Tips for Teens: How to Do Well in Job Interviews

By C.E. Pelc

Prepare - Practice! Anticipate possible questions and write out answers to each of them. Research! Know something about the company before you go to the interview.

Punctuality - Don’t just be on time, be 10 or 15 minutes early.

Go alone - Go by yourself to the interview. Don’t bring friends or parents with you.

Appearance - Come to the interview neat and clean. Avoid being overly made-up. Dress conservatively, but comfortably.

Body language - If you are offered a handshake, give a firm one. Sit down when offered a chair. Sit up straight in your chair; this shows confidence. Lean forward to show you are paying attention. And relax!

Eye contact - Don’t be afraid to look the interviewer in the eye. Show him or her that you are confident and interested in the job.

Enthusiasm - Bring a positive attitude to the interview, without being too casual. Identify something you like about the interviewer. Sell yourself and remember that the difference between bragging and self-confidence is enthusiasm.

Thank you - At the end of the interview, thank the interviewer for his or her time. Follow up a day later with a thank-you note - handwritten, if readable, is OK.

Don’t forget to SMILE!

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Corrie Pelc is Special Sections editor of Bay Area Parent.
From United Parenting Publications, 2003.