Tips for Taking Winning Photos

Hold your camera level.

Be careful to keep your own shadow out of the picture.

Be sure your subject does not cast a shadow against a wall.

Avoid backgrounds that are too busy.

Make sure nothing in the background lines up unattractively with the subject, such as branches coming out of a person's head.

Be careful not to get too close to the subject. 

Keep the camera lens clean. Do not touch it with your fingers.

When taking photos outdoors, make sure the sun is behind you. It should shine on the subject and not on the camera lens.

Make sure your finger does not accidentally get in front of the lens.

Strive for a relaxed appearance. Takes lots of pictures of your baby engaged in an activity or interacting with another person.

Shoot action shots head on. Avoid photographing something that is moving rapidly past you.

Take the same picture from several different angles.

Try to capture lots of different feelings and expressions.

If you know you will be taking photos, dress your baby in something simple in a color that does not overpower skin tones.