Tips for Managing and Coping with Tourette Syndrome

Read Elizabeth Lee's first-person account of the the challenges of raising a child with the syndrome a syndrome that he inherited from her.
Here are some tips from parent Elizabeth Lee on managing and coping with Tourette:

* Education. Join the Tourette Syndrome Association (TSA) to find out if there is a local support group. Attend meetings, talk with other parents and read about Tourette. If there is no group in your area, consider starting one. I find that groups that allow couples to bring their children are the most successful. Tourette Syndrome Association, Inc., 4240 Bell Boulevard, Bayside, NY 11361-2820. 718-224-2999; Fax: 718-279-9596.,

* Be firm, assertive, yet diplomatic, with a teamwork approach to working with school staff.

* Develop a network of family and friends to call when feeling frustrated or overwhelmed.

* Develop confidence and build an identity based on interests and character, rather than on having Tourette.

* Explain your disease to others, if needed, in a casual, self-accepting way.

* Do what works best for your child and family, whether or not its what works well for others.

* Be selective in choosing friends. Having a disease like Tourette filters out prejudiced people fast. Learn to accept yourself regardless of whether or not others do.