Tips for Handling the December Holidays for Interfaith Families

• Keep the focus on the children’s needs. What kids love most about Christmas is the family togetherness. You don’t need to focus on the gifts.

• Let children know that they can enjoy Christmas and Hanukkah without betraying either parent or their religious upbringing.

• Some parents ask grandparents to give presents wrapped in the paper of the holiday the children do celebrate. There’s no right answer for everyone. Do what works for your family.

• If you are raising Jewish kids and they feel uncomfortable singing Christmas carols in school, consider asking the principal to broaden the holiday song repertoire. Reassure your children that it’s OK to enjoy other people’s holidays as long as your kids are clear about what their holidays are.

• Work as partners to develop new family traditions while recognizing each other’s needs. Celebrating aspects of the holidays in your own style unites the family.


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