Things We Love! The Ruler in the Kitchen

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 This article is featured in the December '07 Feeding Your Family Newsletter
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In this season of rolling pins, there are often sudden, urgent needs to truly understand the concept of 7/8ths of an inch, or to intuit a 9-inch circle.

Why not eliminate the guesswork? Keep a little 12-inch metal ruler in your kitchen at all times, as a standard tool.

It is endlessly useful - for measuring pans, the width of cookies, the size of a vegetable cut, the diameter of a circle of dough. It's also extremely low-tech, which we like.

Get one quick - from the hardware store, of course - before Martha and various glossy catalogs start selling stainless steel versions with cake and pie inscriptions instead of inch marks! (You know it's going to happen.)

- Larissa Phillips