Things We Love: Stainless Steel Sippy Cups

By Larissa Phillips

Stainless steel has long since taken over the look of the modern kitchen. Now it seems to be moving into the nursery. For the toddler who has everything, a stainless steel sippy cup may complete the downtown industrial chic look, but many parents are choosing them for other reasons - namely, a fear of plastics.

"Kids are literally weaned on plastic these days," says Carla Greene, who recently bought a stainless steel sippy cup for her 1-year-old daughter. According to researchers at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, even the polycarbonate plastics that make up all those colored plastic bottles that hikers use may not be as safe as once assumed. They found that harsh detergents could cause isphenol-A (BPA), a chemical that mimics the hormone estrogen, to be released from polycarbonate plastics. In their study, chromosomal abnormalities resulted in mice.

Other researchers are claiming that normal dishwashing cycles can cause chemical leaching from polycarbonate plastic bottles. (Bottles and cups made of polypropylene #5 PP, #2 HDPE and #4 LDPE are not known to leach harmful substances.)

Sound confusing? That stainless steel cup sounds better than ever. To be safe, consider washing plastic cups by hand. To find out more about stainless steel sippy cups, go to

- Larissa Phillips

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