Things We Love: Kitchen Scissors!

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My grandmother used to keep a pair of orange-handled paper scissors in her cupboard. She used them for things like cutting spaghetti, making salad and getting the tips and ends off scallions. Growing up, I thought my grandma was pretty clever, but also pretty unusual. Scissors in the kitchen? Who'd ever heard of such a thing?

She was obviously on to something, as every kitchen catalog will tell you these days. Now I have my own kitchen scissors - OK, I'm fancy and I call them shears - and I use them for even more than my grandmother could have ever imagined. I trim and chop kale. I cut through the breast of a whole chicken to make an open, flat chicken for quicker baking and broiling. I cut rice noodles, asparagus ends, green bean tips and more.

There is almost no end to the uses of a pair of kitchen shears, and the best part of their shearing capabilities has to do with time. With no cutting board to deal with and greatly increased agility, kitchen scissors cut a chopping job in half. Just keep the orange handled kind in the office; real kitchen shears are stouter and stronger than paper scissors.