Things We Love: Farmers' Markets

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This article is featured in the June '07 Feeding Your Family Newsletter
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With the growing season in full force, this is a prime month to get hooked on your local farmers' market. No longer the meeting place of hippie-stragglers left over from the '70s, farmers' markets have grown astronomically in popularity in the last decade.

And they keep growing. Want to take a stand against factory farms? Want to support your local farmers? Want to ensure a safer, more diverse food system? Want to honor local harvests and regional specialties? Want to cut down on fossil fuels used to fly food halfway around the world? These are all great reasons to go to a farmers' market, but they wouldn't be so popular if they weren't so much fun too.

I support the politics behind the markets, but I also love to get fresh, delicious produce - and I love my kids begging me to buy vegetables, fruits and flowers they set their hearts on.

To find a farmers' market near you - or anything else you could possibly want to know about local food, go to, a nationwide directory of small farms, farmers' markets and other local food sources.