Things We Love! Cooking as Easy as 1-2-3

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By Larissa Phillips

Kids Cook 1-2-3 (Bloomsbury, 2006), Rozanne Gold (Author), Sara Pinto (Illustrator) With chefs competing on reality shows and entrees in fancy restaurants reaching $50 a plate, it’s easy to forget that cooking is a pretty simple process. Rozanne Gold, author of the 1-2-3 cookbook series, is here to set us straight. Gold is a three-time James Beard Award winner, and has cooked for presidents, mayors and celebrities. But her latest claim to fame lies in her ability to create recipes featuring no more than three ingredients.

Her latest book, Kids Cook 1-2-3 (Bloomsbury, 2006), sets culinary kids onto the path of simplicity with recipes that range from rustic to sophisticated. My family loved “Bowties with Broccoli” (ingredients: broccoli, butter, bowties) and “Burger-on-a Stick” (ground beef, garlic, cumin), and we look forward to trying “Iced Strawberry Tea” (strawberries, sugar, tea), now that strawberries are in season.

With a little encouragement, kids (especially in the 8-to 15-year-old range, as Gold’s testers were) can easily discover dishes they can make themselves. But let’s not kid ourselves. What parent wouldn’t love a stack of kid-friendly recipes with just three ingredients?