THINGS WE LOVE!: ABCs of Fruit and Veggies book

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We all know A is for Apple, but did you know Q is for Quince? Or that J is for Jicama?

That's just for starters in The ABCs of Fruits and Vegetables and Beyond, by Steve Charney and David Goldbeck (Ceres Press, 2007; $16.95). This lively book starts out as a rhyming primer on the world's fruits and vegetables, and then takes readers behind the scenes with a trove of facts, history, recipes and games for elementary school-age kids. Learn how to grow a lemon plant from lemon seeds, how to ripen fruit fast, what to do with quince (hint: start by baking it with honey and chopped walnuts) and how to make golden biscuits out of yams. This packed compendium would be a great addition to a classroom, or any home kitchen.

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- Larissa Phillips